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Putting Your APKs on Diet

Publishing light-weight applications on the Play Store is a good practice every developer should focus on when designing an application. Why? ….

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Build Status Glide is a fast and efficient open source media management framework for Android that wraps media decoding, memory and disk caching, and resource pooling into a simple and easy to use interface. Glide supports fetching, decoding, and displaying video stills, images, and animated GIFs. Glide includes a flexible api that allows developers to plug in to almost any network stack. By default Glide uses a custom HttpUrlConnection based stack, but also includes utility libraries plug in to Google’s Volley project or Square’s OkHttp library instead. Glide’s primary focus is on making scrolling any kind of a list of images as smooth and fast as possible, but Glide is also effective for almost any case where you need to fetch, resize, and display a remote image.

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Get Actionbar App Compat to show actionbar buttons in pre Honeycomb devices

If you want to show button in the ActionBar while using AppCompat V7 in Gingerbread or Froyo you need to add the following code in your onCreate function.


By default Overflow menu buttons are disabled in pre honeycomb devices like Gingerbread and Froyo. The above API call enables it.

Android SDK: Detecting Gestures

The Android SDK supports a variety of gestures you can detect, allowing you to tailor the ways in which users interact with your applications. In this tutorial, we will look at the framework that allows developers to add gesture detection to a simple application, working through the process of supporting the fling gesture and outlining how to support other gestures. Once you’ve completed the development for a basic fling function, you’ll be able to add additional gestures to the application yourself.

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Android Developers Backstage - Ep2: Storage

Jeff is a longtime engineer on the Android Framework team responsible in large part for one of the exciting new features in Android 4.4 KitKat, the Storage Access Framework. Learn about that new feature along with other random Android things that happened to come up in the conversation.

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Migrating from ActionBarSherlock to ActionBarCompat | Grokking Android

In July 2013 Google announced ActionBarCompat as part of its support library package. This library makes it easy to use the Action Bar that have to support older devices. Many have waited for this to happen ever since the Action Bar was introduced with Honeycomb…

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Styling Android » Transition Animations – Part 2

In the previous article we began looking at the new Transition Animations API introduced in KitKat 4.4. In this article we’ll have a look beyond the basics and explore how we can take greater control over things using Scenes…

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Corona SDK: Create a Shooter Game

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a shooter game with limited bullets with the Corona SDK. The objective of the game is to shoot a high amount of targets with only five bullets. During this tutorial, you’ll work with timers, touch controls, and physics. To learn more, read on!…

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Styling Android » Transition Animation – Part 1

As I write, it is less than two weeks since Google announced Android 4.4 KitKat. There are quite a few new APIs in this version of Android, and in this series we’ll have a look at the all-new Transition Animations…

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Devoxx 2013 presentations

I just came back from Devoxx where Chet Haase and I gave a few talks on Android. The slides are now available online: What’s New in Android 4.4 Android Memories Android Performance Tips Flithy Rich Android Clients You can also download the Keynote versions of these presentations if you want to watch the embedded videos…

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